DSC05456.364114342Infinite R is a triple layer membrane both flexible and tough. The product is encased within several rows of packets sealed within the membrane, such that if there were a puncture, damage would be limited to that particular pocket and would not impact the rest of the material. The product changes from a dense solid to a liquid. We are able to adjust the phase change temps and have a logarithm set up to custom design a blend for any physical location by latitude and longitude, sun hour days etc. The finished product comes in sheets 1/4 inch thick with staple tabs (wings) that fold out so the roll can be stapled to studs or rafters. It is available in 16” widths.


The product can be used in many ways. The two most likely are, as a Delta T Modulator, and as a Thermal/Solar Collector. As a Delta T Modulator, Infinite R will limit the maximum heat that reaches your interior insulation. Traditional R Value is very limited in effectiveness for a couple of reasons. First it doesn’t prevent thermal energy from reaching the area it simply delays it. Infinite R DOWNGRADES the maximum temperature to the phase change temp. Thus we say, Infinite R works better than any amount of traditional R Value…….. INFINITE R.

In cooling environments Infinite R should be installed in the exterior wall after a thin layer of foam (hopefully) goes in staple up the product then encapsulate the product with a slightly thicker pass of foam toward the inside (sheet rock side). In this way your siding, sheeting and a layer of foam will protect the infinite R from some of the worst temps, anything getting past them will be absorbed by the Infinite R and downgraded to the phase change temperature which would then be the maximum your final layers of foam would ever be exposed to! You have just reduced your delta T from what could easily be 50 degrees down to perhaps 5. That combined with the air sealing properties of the foam you will have an extraordinarily efficient package.

Picture10In more northern or mountainous states or countries, Infinite R is best used as a solar collector. Simply storing any thermal energy over the phase change temp for release after the ambient temp drops below that number. Inside walls in a room heated by a wood stove or fireplace as an example. Roaring fire puts out huge numbers of btu’s so the room gets too hot then when the fire goes down it cools too quickly because the walls dump the heat it stores at the temps it reaches. Remember Infinite R will tend to modulate room temps as it absorbs heat above its phase change temps WITHOUT physically changing temp itself! Similar to the well known Adobe Effect, The difference is INFINITE R does not dump maximum heat as an adobe, block, brick wall, it releases gradually at the phase change temperature only! Thereby flat-lining the temp curve through the night. Our product out performs the traditional adobe effect by something like 80 times!