Algeria_PetrocelticRigOne of the most pressing crisis the world faces today is the increasing demand for energy against the reality of finite resources. The search for Renewable Energy, Green Energy, and Alternative Energy sources must go on, as must the development of new energy saving tools.

Our world demands solutions which will be effective, safe, economically viable, and have a positive impact on Earth’s ecological balance. Many new startups have worked diligently to discover or produce viable products in these areas. Indeed our Government has spent TENS OF BILLIONS of Taxpayer dollars helping companies launch their ideas. NONE have produced any product which is economically viable once the subsidies are removed. For just a minute, forget everything you think you know about alternative energy, and consider this…
The cleanest energy is energy we don’t use at all, The cheapest energy is energy we don’t use at all. Until something fundamentally changes in our understanding of the cosmos or physics, the biggest and best thing in alternative energy will remain energy efficiency. What we need be thinking about is changing the SCALE of our thinking on energy efficiency. Not just light bulbs, or boilers, WHOLE BUILDINGS, WHOLE CITIES, THE WHOLE COUNTRY.

We could save 100 million barrels of oil per year with only a 30% market penetration. If we were to get energy efficiency codes changed such that each building was given an efficiency rating and necessary upgrades would have to be made before the structure could be sold. It is very likely that a 70% market penetration could be achieved! Creating millions of jobs, and reducing the need to import “conflict oil” entirely.

Pollution: reducing our use oil by 340 million barrels per year prevents the release of over 1/2 million tons of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere, as well as corresponding amounts of Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide.