10-12-cut-costsIn the United States up to 40% of all energy used is consumed by commercial and residential structures. Nearly 40% of that energy is spent on Heating or Cooling the building. According to officials at Oak Ridge National labs, The US Department of Energy and many other third party testing and accreditation labs, the use of properly formulated and placed PCMs within the structure can reduce the heating and cooling load by between 40% to 60%. The use of PCMs in buildings within the United States then has the potential of saving Quadrillions of BTUs of energy every year, reduce our dependency on foreign energy sources, and significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

“Who can benefit”

Infinite R is a unique solution whose material benefits stretch across multiple audiences. Building owners benefit because their heating and cooling utility bills are lowered. Building occupants benefit by occupying a more comfortable environment. Public utilities benefit by reducing energy loads and balancing out daytime and nighttime peak energy demands. The general public benefits because with Infinite R materials, pollution emitted into the environment is reduced.

These benefits can be seen immediately after the material is installed. The potential to save quadrillions of BTU’s of energy and hundreds of billions of energy dollars  can be saved over the next twenty years. With this material, we see a tremendous opportunity to partner with energy suppliers to reduce peak energy loads, which is one of the biggest problems facing power companies today.