Three physical facts:

 1. Heat energy ALWAYS moves from a warmer place to a cooler place.

 2. The rate that the heat energy moves is determined by the TEMPERATURE  DIFFERENCE, between the two places. The greater the temperature difference the greater the heat flow.

 3. A Phase Change Material Maintains a constant temperature during the phase change no matter what the heat conditions are hot or cold. This strange and wonderful fact is how Phase Change Material can save you energy and make your home more comfortable.

How it Works

The outside wall and roof surfaces of a building can get hotter and colder than the inside wall and ceiling surfaces during a typical 24 hour day.  The Sun can make these outside surfaces much hotter than the outside air. Some days these surface temperature variations are very extreme. The ideal living conditions are when the inside temperature is maintained at a constant temperature. An attempt to provide this constant temperature is done with heating and air conditioning equipment. A layer of PCM does this naturally.  Keeping this constant temperature is the largest use of energy by the homeowner. In fact 41% of all energy used in the USA is consumed by homes and buildings. From fact one above we see that heat energy flows from inside the home to the outside and vice versa. Most of the time both situations occur during the same 24 hour period This makes the home uncomfortable and cost money to offset this with heating and air conditioning equipment.

 A thin layer of Phase Change Material strategically placed in the walls and attic of your home, while maintaining a constant comfortable temperature, relieves much of the burden from your heating and air conditioning equipment. Your home will be more comfortable and you will save money and energy.